Outpost in Cape Town

It is going quite intense the Outpost, that is how we call our 3 months overseas program during the 4th semester.
48 students coming two Kaospilots schools: one from Switzerland and one from Denmark; mentored by two team leaders. As a result, an organization started up in order to manage 12 projects with local partners in Cape Town plus its internal activities.

Process facilitation during the creation of our organizational structure

By these last 2 weeks, projects have been selected by the students and are already with defined scope and starting execution mode.

Every student- out of 48 in the total – is involved in two external projects (executed with an external partner) and one internal project (within the internal organization).

Just to share a little of what we do in Cape Town, 3 examples of external projects being executed in the Outpost 2017:

  • #cocreateSA: in partnership CCDI (Cape Craft & Design Institute), it aims to show the value of a design-led process of innovation for understand recycling in Cape Town, throughout the design thinking method.
  • Dine with Khayelitsha: is a project that aims at bridging  the gap between townships and cities through setting conversational dinners that are driven by different themes ranging from social issues, social innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability (of hope, positivity and change within townships).
  • SACAP:it is the South African College of Applied Psychology, that has been working to shift the current perspective about mental health care in South Africa, providing mental health care services to individuals who otherwise would not be able to access them in the township of Khayelitsha.


We intend to keep you updated about our next steps in Cape Town! For more details, you can follow up the Facebook page Kaospilots Cape Town.





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