What is Good About no WOW-Plans? – Why Berlin is the Startup City to Find Milk and Honey


The only way to get familiar with a new place is to be there, walk around there, bike there, eat there, have fun there and perhaps even explore the “there” with others.

That was also the way Berlin was explored as The Kaospilots from team SUI 5, which included 4 different nationalities put their feet on the ground on Sunday the 14th of May 2017 to spend one week in “The city that never sleeps”.
We all checked into the little shack of a hostel named X Berger, as it was definitely not what you would consider a palace or… a totally clean place, but good enough for flexible entrepreneurs, ready for about anything. Read More


Open Alumni Program 2017-18

NEW BUSINESS#gatherings

We have a new open program offer for our Alumni of the KaosPilots and the NEW BUSINESS mastery training, the entrepreneurs of the Innovationsdorf and friends and guests. You are welcome to these 4 gatherings to grow and develop your projects and business initiatives, get coaching and support and have fun together.

We want to use time together to share where we are at and what we each need, to support eachother and to develop and grow our businesses and get to know new people – this is key for all of us.
Therefore we would like to invite you for these first 4 gatherings – a spring, a summer, a fall and a winter gathering. The summer gathering is also our 2 day Summer-Academy here in Bern.
This gathering is also open for other people and interested participants. So you can bring friends and business partners along if you like.
In this first year we will test different formats – the main activities will be facilitated by Jørgen Smidstrup and Matti Straub, also offering coaching corners for your business ideas and projects. We will also invite external speakers where that is inspiring and depending on the needs that we will hear from you all.

The costs 

Alumni of KaosPilots and NEW BUSINESS, and inhabitants of the Innovationsdorf Bern can sign up for the entire 4 gatherings for an early bird booking price of Fr. 480.- (4 x 120.-). This includes the meals (dinner and lunch, plus beverages during the day). This also includes the participation in the 2 day Summer-Academy in Bern as a bonus. This offer is valid until Friday, April 28th, 2017.
If you want to sign up for a single event, as an alumni of NEW BUSINESS mastery program, the KaosPilots 3 year program or as an inhabitant of the Innovationsdorf Bern, you pay Fr. 148.- per event. The Summer-Academy with 2 full days and evening program will cost you Fr. 280.- when you sign up only for this event as alumni.
As an external participant and guests:
You will pay Fr. 170.- (students also Fr. 120.-) per workshop of 1,5 days. And Fr. 350.- for the 2 days Summer-Academy (Fr. 180 for students).
If you want to book all 4 workshops at once, you can do so by paying 750.-, instead of the full price of 860.-
Please sign up asap or latest a week in advance, so we can book the meals and beverages for you.

Dates and Sign up

New Business Spring-Gathering, Thursdayevening and Friday, 11th/12th of May 2017, at Innovationsdorf Bern http://doodle.com/poll/2kkycynecawrec9p
Summer-Academy, Friday and Saturday, August 25th/26th, 2017, at the Innovationsdorf Bern, http://doodle.com/poll/hiwuraqc75d3xs2v
New Business Fall-Gathering, Thursday evening and Friday, 9th/10th of November, 2017, at the Innovationsdorf Bern http://doodle.com/poll/7r3rcm6xk58e4fz3
New Business Winter-Gathering, Thursday evening and Friday, 1st/2nd of March, 2017, at the Innovationsdorf Bern, http://doodle.com/poll/qqkxduswhxace7xx
We are looking forward to seeing you here!
For questions get in touch.
Warm regards,
Matti Straub-Fischer, Headmaster KaosPilots Switzerland and Chief-changel
and Jørgen Smidstrup, graphic designer and chef


Playfulness is the first of eight values of the Kaospilots Switzerland. What does that mean? Before I started this education I saw pictures from the Kaospilots and heard all the rumors about Kaospilots being circus artist and acrobats, which made my picture of the KPs rather ‘hippie’ and pictured them dancing in a circle and drawing doddles all day long on flipcharts and post-its.


I guess that is true. Or at least partly true.  Yes, we are doing all that, but the important thing for me that there is a very clear purpose behind. I guess that I before and in the beginning of the education was rather resistant to all the on the surface silly activities such as energizers, morning practice, visualization on flipcharts, days with improtheatre and acrobatics.

I have for many years put away my childhood passion for drawing. Now I grabbed colorful pens again, both because ideas in projects, businesses and processes becomes very much clearer to explain and understand, when you draw them. There is a meaning behind the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words”.  But also because drawing gets me in a very relaxed state of being, which is super important to take care of in a busy daily life.

The reason why we are doing morning practice and energizers is partly to maintain our energy levels but also to team build and create trust within our teams. This has challenged me a lot and now I really see the benefit of it. This helps to stay calm even during stressful times.

Almost the same story goes with the impro theatre and acrobatics. I asked my self a lot why that at all is relevant for the work with businesses and organizations. And I found some answers to that question, among others that I started to realize where some of my fears kicks in. I’m terrible afraid of failing and saying something stupid, so it was a pleasant exercise to have 2 days dedicated to failures and saying stupid things.

So… all those hippie activities are quite useful actually. It can make life in organizations much lighter and funnier. And I wonder why we adults have become so afraid of playing? Let’s make business and have fun at the same time! :-)

Mona, Team SUI 3

Meet the KaosPilots: Lanlan Jin – Team SUI 4

David from Team SUI 4 catches up with Lanlan Jin, the Northeastern Chinese-born who just made radical changes around what she’ll be doing in Switzerland… Initially here to do a masters in health science she realized a lot of the systems lacked innovation and were built on rigid mindsets. We had a chat about what she was doing before joining the school, what the future needs more of and her learnings at the first edition of KaosDays in Bern.


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetWho are you and what defines you?

I guess I’m in the constant process of figuring this one out. At the present, the things that define me are the cultures I’ve been immersed in (Chinese, American, Japanese) as well as my passions (arts, social equality, thinking). I’m always open to change while preserving my values of being a compassionate and kind human being.


Tell us a little about your history; where you grew up and what were some memorable moments.

Long Story short: China -to- USA -to- Japan

I was born in the Ice City of Harbin, in Northeastern China. When I was 11 I moved to California, and went to many different schools in different parts of the USA. My favorite part of high school was when I had the opportunity to ride and take care of a horse for one year. After finishing a BA in Biology in Portland Oregon, I decided it was time to get away from Academia and the USA for that matter. The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program allowed me 2 years of financial freedom travelling and some of the most meaningful working as well as personal experiences of my life, especially making me realize the importance of community. While not without challenges & pains, I consider time on JET to be the “best times” of my life so far.


How did you hear about The KaosPilots school? How was that introduction?

In August of this year I arrived in Switzerland to do a Master’s in health science. This seemed logical after I had been traveling around a lot & seeing health as a common problem in various parts of the world. However the program turned out to be much more rigid and less innovative than it was advertised. The more I learned the more I realized that I didn’t want to contribute to this “system” the way it was already built. I was spending some miserable days wondering if I should continue or not when I met Asanda from Team SUI3 at Turnhalle. We had an awesome conversation. After meeting other awesome people at KaosPilot to learn more about this education, the adventure now begins.


What were you doing before joining Team4?

Trying to survive boring 10hr/day lectures.


What were your first impressions of Switzerland?

My first visit here was a year ago when I did some WWOOFing. First impressions were: beautiful nature + architecture, serious-faced people and cows.


The future needs more…

smart people who are happy to be human.


What were some highlights for you after participating in the Creative Project Design: KaosDays? What made it a new experience for you?

The sense of inspiration and community was in the air – I was surprised at the good ideas that people could come up with given the short time frame. Also the freedom to throw interesting ideas whether they were “right” or not was very new and liberating.


What does ‘leadership’ mean to you?

Leadership to me means being aware of the various paths to a solution yet being confident in going on a path that’s right for the team & circumstance.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being happy :).


What have you been dreaming about?

Starting several projects here in Bern! Ideas are being incubated.




What is 3rd semester at the KaosPilots all about?

DSC_7752 I am now in my third semester of my Kaospilot adventure – this is the process facilitation semester. You might think: “what is process all about?”. I can tell that team 3 had the same question when we started off 1,5 months ago. Now more answers to that question appeared and last Thursday we had a very practical experience of process facilitation, when we were designing KaosDay #1. So process facilitation is about designing workshops, where we as facilitators are not involved in producing the content, but more introducing tools, asking questions and holding the container (atmosphere). It is all about listening, both to the spoken and unspoken and also sensing the energy in the room. It is about designing a plan with introduction of tools, time to use the tools and to reflect on them afterwards. AND to be ready for shifts in the plan according to what is needed in the specific moment. Rarely a plan works out completely as you expected, so it is also about being overprepared and understructured.

And this is not as easy as I thought in the beginning. It really takes your full attention during the whole process, from starting the planning, during the workshop it self and until the closing evaluation. During the first KaosDay it didn’t feel as if I was doing a lot of work. Mainly I was listening and a few times I was introducing tools for my group of participants. In the evening and the day after I was tired as if I had been running Berner Gran Prix. It is a brand new way of working for me, but it is super fascinating how much it means to be holding the container for a group of people without participating in finding solutions on specific topics or problems. I strongly believe this way of consulting is very sustainable, because the solutions are created within the people who are working with the problem/topic and not someone from ‘outside’.  I am looking so much forward for the two other KaosDays in November and January, which I hope will be just as inspiring, fun and motivating as #1!

Mona Ebdrup, Team SUI 3

Meet Kristoffer Maximilian Rasmussen (Team SUI 2) from Denmark

picture_kristoffer (3)

English version below

Bitte erzähle uns, wer du bist und woher du kommst?
Ich bin Kristoffer aus Dänemark, ausgebildeter Journalist mit einem Background in Werbung und Marketing.


Was bedeutet es, KaosPilot und Teil der Schule zu sein?
Im zweiten Jahrgang in der Schweizer KaosPiloten Schule zu sein, bedeutet, dass ich eine neue Schule mit gestalten und mit entwickeln kann. Das ist ein cooler Gedanke.
Die KaosPiloten-Ausbildung bietet zudem viele Herausforderungen. Aus diesem Grund ist es für mich sehr sinnvoll, an dieser Schule zu sein.
Ich denke sogar, dass die KaosPiloten-Schule alle 10 Jahre zumachen und an einen neuen Ort ziehen sollte, so dass die Studenten immer dieses ‘Entrepreneurial-feeling’ haben. Diese Freiheit, zu machen was dir in den Sinn kommt und was niemand vor dir gemacht hat, ist unaustauschbar. Du gehst nicht in den Fusstritten von jemandem anderem.

Wieso ist, deiner Meinung nach, diese Art von Ausbildung wichtig?
Am Ende geht es darum, dein eigenes Potential zu erkennen. Dies ist wichtig und wird meist in ‘normalen’ Ausbildungen nicht gefördert. Es sind nicht die Lehren über Kreativität die die Studenten kreativ machen. Es ist der zur Verfügung gestellte Raum, in dem du dich selbst sein kannst und dein eigenes Potential erkennen kannst, welcher uns kreativ macht und uns inspiriert. Mehr von dem sollte es überall geben. Read More

Meet Giuliano Mordasini (Team SUI 1) from Switzerland

10430465_10204098898853254_4762618669451338464_nPlease tell us who you are and where you are from?
I am Giuliano, but most people at he KP call me Giu. I am from Bern and grew up on the countryside. I’ve always had strong connection to nature and to people. I love good food and good company. I enjoy adventures and exploring new things.

What does it mean to be part of the KaosPilots for you?
It means for me to be who I am. Not being restricted to the things you have been thinking of yourself before or what others have thought of you.

Why do you think this type of education is important?
I think we need more generalists in this world that are flexible and open towards what ever comes. I think this is what the school makes out of us. And we need to think ahead, as the proverb goes: “the future is not given by our parents but is borrowed from our children.“

What experiences/learning did you take home from Cape town last year?
My time in South Africa has impacted me very much in regards of the following reasons: The fact to deal with a new and different culture/ mentality, to lead a project with internal team members and local supporters, to find a personal passion in surfing and enjoy full expression of myself. I’ve learned what it means to be proud of myself.