Are you ready to start your own company?

Written by Matti Straub-Fischer, coach and headmaster at Kaospilots Switzerland

new business

New Business is a a mastery training program with 9 modules over 1 year


Starting your own company gives you freedom to do what you love. It also gives you the responsibility to create something that has deep meaning for yourself and for others.

So what is meaningful for you? What do you believe in your heart is needed in this world and what will strengthen our communities? What helps us to be more in balance within ourselves and with each other and with Nature and the Universe all around us? Write down what you see is needed in your world as it will give you the scope of your next adventure as an entrepreneur.

The next question is: What are your gifts and your talents? What do you love to contribute with when meeting with others? What do you want to do all day long? Create a map of all your gifts and let this be your inspiration source for dreaming your new business alive.

And last but not least: What is needed to create a business that is both attractive, healthy and strong – sustainable in all its aspects?

We have learnt over the last 20 years of training entrepreneurs, KaosPilots and Intercultural Navigators that business development is not just a matter of a training in financial planning and learning about marketing tools or legal aspects to set up your company. What is needed is a combined training for personal development and growth and unfolding your business ideas. Because only if we create an inspiring challenge zone for ourselves will we truely learn and be alert to all that is coming towards.

Listening to our hearts has become more important than listening to the voices in our brains. Because the brain voices are concerned with how to keep the game safe – because we want to avoid to getting hurt. However that does not lead us forward, but usually only backwards. If we want to create inspiring new businesses that move us as individuals and as a collective forward, we need to make courageous decisions from the heart. We need to learn to listen to this voice again that most of us knew so well when we were children, but that we chose to ignore in order to fit into the world of the adults around us.

If we want to be courageous entrepreneurs again, we need to grow ourselves, to listen to our hearts and to move with our instincts and intuition. We need to listen deeply to what wants to emerge in the world we live in. Because this is not a time to only listen to our egos. It is a time to build new bridges and to create a life-affirming and growing environment. It is a time to learn to make courageous and meaningful steps. It is a time for each of us to discover our own gifts and talents to bring forth and to communicate in our very own and unique ways.

The NEW BUSINESS mastery training program by Changels and in close collaboration with the KaosPilots Switzerland, a school for creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and changemakers, challenges and supports you to grow yourself as a human being, as a courageous entrepreneur and your business ideas to be meaningful, attractive and sustainable. We base it on the 8 perspectives of ancient Medicine Wheels wisdom to create wholeness and healthy systems.

The training program #2 starts with module 1 on April 6-8th in Bern. 9 modules over 1 year to boost and blossom your new business and to become your own boss.

Are you interested?

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How sustainable is sustainable?

As probably many other people on this planet I call myself trying to be sustainable. Creating this description implies that I am aware that there is no being 100% sustainable in my view, as we all leave traces and giving emission to the air. To make it easy here I take the most known definition of sustainability: Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability requires the reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands. However even the aiming to be sustainable in this three areas is in our current society not easy.

First station: Supermarket
Which food is the most sustainable? Local, seasonal, organic, fair-trade are well known criteria’s – but how about use and source of energy or amount of water needed during the production? How about transportation and conditions of transportation? How much land needs to be cultivated – what plants will be lost – which animals extinct? How long will the soil be fertile, what about monocultures?… indeed a never ending story, question for me: where to start and where to end? I liked the article in the VCS magazine about it

Second station: Travel
Well, helpful in terms of minimising your travel is if you have one centre of living where you combine family, friends, job, and hobbies within some kilometres – you can take your bike and cover your world. But if this is not the case what do you do? Train, car, bike or work@home? In which cases if flying ok? For meaningful business, adventures full of learning’s? Are electric bikes good – if the electricity comes from nuclear power or gas plants? Again here I have the feeling it is hard to make it 100% right.

Third station: Looking at others
Within my range of living I try to deal with the challenges touched above. Totally different stories are the others, especially big companies, politicians or juries for well-respected prizes. I read lately that Nestlé was the greenest Swiss company in the study of Interbrand (rank 14) – rank 1-3 are taken by Toyota, Ford and Honda – are these companies the most ecologically friendly in your view and what about sustainable in general?
Or that the World Food Prize 2013 goes to scientist of Monsanto and Syngenta – isn’t that a bit weird? How sustainable would you call big monopoles or GMO in general?

So what to do now? Probably just keep on enjoying small steps and supporting the really great initiatives, which need our energy to grow and are sustainable from root to the top – do you have any you want to name here?

Martina Straub
Head of Finance and Communication