Thank you Team SUI 4

Dear Team SUI of pure awesomness,

I want to thank you for what you have achieved with the design and facilitation of the three KaosDays. I would like to do this with a short overview of my feelings throughout this process.

It all started when we introduced you with the assignment in the first week after the summer break. Markus and I realized that we handed you over quite a big task, regarding the open topics of the different KaosDays and your fully packed semester.

I was a bit…
HULU tv bravo rhoa real housewives of atlanta

You on the other hand, did not only embrace the challenge, but also upped the ante and designed very ambitious KaosDays, not even daring to shift the whole program when you saw that it was needed.  I was like:
reactions wow surprised really oprah

Very impressed by your bravery, I was also slightly worried if you would be able to pull it through…
hot nervous key and peele sweat sweating

Before every KaosDays, I was wondering:
jon stewart daily show are you ready you all ready for this

Of course you were:
Pitch on FOX fox pitch ready ginny baker

At the check-in’s I felt it: You were not only ready, but super-ready!
MakeSpace cow pun lets do this

Me during the KaosDays. Every. Single. Time.
rollercoaster granny

And all the participants:
Declan McKenna boy wow amazing rainbow

and by the time the day was over:
doctor who hd david tennant i dont want to go

A special thank you for your no-tracing after the events. Even if you were exhausted
HULU tv tired exhausted ugly betty

the no-tracing was like:
ADWEEK cleaning magic mike mr clean cleaning up

And yesterday morning it hit my, I realized that you will be gone very, very soon…
theCHIVE monday mondays case of the mondays

For now I just want to say
sad crying the office cry thank you

and make sure that you know that you are
Veep HBO excited hbo veep selina meyer

GIPHY Studios Originals proud award good job well done

Have a great time in Capetown and keep on rockin!

All the best,